Wednesday, January 4, 2017

WikiLeaks is offering a $20,000 bounty for information leading to the arrest or exposure of anyone in the Obama administration destroying significant records.

They made the announcement via Twitter.

The announcement of the bounty came right after another tweet. That tweet detailed a two terabyte drive with Clinton White House emails going missing. WikiLeaks presumes this drive was stolen from the National Archives!

This bounty also comes just months after it was revealed that Hillary Clinton, a member of the Obama administration at the time and Secretary of State, used bleachbit to completely destroy her private email server. In fact, that server was purportedly destroyed four weeks after the FBI investigation into Clinton’s private email server began and two weeks after Congress requested the email server and her emails be preserved.

Let’s hope someone takes up WikiLeaks’ bounty and exposes the truth. We know for a fact that it’s already happened with Clinton’s private email server. Who knows what other documents they have destroyed!

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