Friday, January 6, 2017

People are stupid and sometimes that comes back to bite them AS IT SHOULD. This woman was stupid enough to try and attack a police car and when she did, the stupid bit back in a major way!

Not really sure why it happened, but the woman was having  a bad day and she decided to take it out on some police cruisers.

Watch this:

Now notice the cops are being very calm. They are not doing anything other than telling her to get down off the car.

Here is another angle when she went after the FIRST car and look what happened and then the SAME happens in the second car:

Welp. She’s not very smart and now she’ll spend some time in jail and will have a big bill to pay for the damage she did to the police cruisers.

Tell others about this! Let it be a warning to people not to do stupid things, especially something as crazy as attacking police cars!

h/t The Star

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