Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Everything’s so politicized today. That’s why a lot of Americans will look at Budweiser’s commercial for the 2017 Superbowl and find their own political opinion depicted within it.

But, as I see it, the commercial conveys a beautiful story. An American story.

Not long ago, immigrants traveled to America and became citizens the proper way. They didn’t illegally come to this country and take up a space that wasn’t afforded to him. Through hard work, grit, and determination, families obeyed the law, did what was right, and eventually could be proud of their efforts.

That’s the kind of story the Budweiser commercial shows.

Make sure you watch it below:

Folks on Twitter are celebrating the American spirit so prevalent in the ad. Here are a few responses of those who really enjoyed it:

After watching the video, what did you think? Did you feel the same way I did? Share your opinions below in our comment section.

H/T: Fox2Now

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