Friday, February 24, 2017

A suspected ISIS car bomb killed at least 60 people outside the town of al-Bab in Syria.

The car bomb attack came after Turkish-backed rebels pushed ISIS militants out of the Syrian village Sousyan cutting off a key supply route to the Islamic State. This was ISIS’s last stronghold along Syria’s northern border with Turkey.

Witnesses in Sousyan reported seeing a pickup truck explode outside a building.

Turkish state news agency Anadolu reported at least 60 individuals were killed while a local doctor said that number was expected to increase.

Reuters uncovered footage of the aftermath released by the pro-opposition Qasioun news agency.


“It drove right into the heart of the crowd. There were bodies everywhere, some of them were on fire. When I got closer to them, I realized I knew their faces. They were trying to go home,” said Khalil Abdulrahman, a Syrian journalist from al-Bab.

Many locals fear that ISIS is still heavily entrenched in the area.

“ISIS dug trenches and tunnels all around this town, so everything on top of them is very weak. There are mines here that explode if you accidentally touch the hidden wire,” he said.

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H/T: Breaking 911

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