Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The left likes to use the slogan Love Trumps Hate, but most rational thinking people never thought Love Trumping Hate would include arson, assault, and spitting.

Portland, Oregon seems to be an epicenter of this liberal lunacy. There have been quite a few riots.  You’d think they would learn not to block traffic after there were arrests last month, but these left wingers can’t seem to learn their lesson!

Thirteen were arrested at the Not My President protest on President’s Day. As you can see in the video below, the police gave them ample notice to stop blocking traffic. One woman started harassing the officers, even trying to spit on them.

That’s when the police took action. They unloaded rubber bullets, grabbed her, and took her behind the police line where she could be arrested without interference from her violent comrades.

Check out the look of surprise on her face when they take her away in the video below. What did she expect would happen?

It’s a simple rule, really. Don’t spit on the police. They didn’t do anything to deserve it. This woman belongs in jail!

As you can see in the news report, things got heated when protestors started blocking traffic. It’s funny to hear the man in the news report below saying blocking traffic shouldn’t subject anyone to arrest.

Bad behavior was excused and overlooked during the eight years of the Obama administration, but that’s over and actions have consequences again! They deserve to be arrested for blocking traffic. Blocking traffic isn’t a First Amendment right!

Portland has had more than its share of crazy since the election. After the immigration ban was signed, anti-Trump protestors in Portland took action. But, the protest wasn’t peaceful. As you can see in the video below, they punched a street preacher and Trump supporter, knocking him out and sending him to the hospital.

Is this what Love Trumps Hate means? Sending Trump supporters to the hospital?

Why didn’t these left wingers ever learn in school if you break the law you get arrested? It’s a pretty simple concept and one most 5 year-olds understand.

Share with your friends and family to expose the true face of the violent, angry left.

H/T: Young Cons

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