Thursday, February 9, 2017

You would think that with all the bellyaching and complaining liberals do over wanting non-vetted refugees to have safe entry into our country, they would want to house them. After all, it’s the right thing to do, right?

We know liberals talk a great game about compassion. But they’re hypocrites at heart, and fail at delivering on action.

Joey Salads, a controversial YouTuber, makes it his job to do man on the street interviews. Sometimes, his videos lead to very intimidating situations where he has to make a run for it.

But in this segment, he decides to ask liberals protesting President Trump’s refugee ban if they would open up their homes to these questionable tenants.

Just wait until you hear their answers:

As I said before, theses liberals don’t want to be part of the solution. If you notice, all they want to do is protest our president, and probably get out of working a full-time job. Then again, some of these protest jobs come with a paycheck.

Liberals will unwittingly destroy America because they don’t know how to think. And it’s the height of hypocrisy to want to let unvetted refugees into our country but refuse to house them in your own home.

Come on man!

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