Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Before President Trump announced his nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, there was a stealth move to get the federal judge to D.C. without tipping off reporters who were staked outside his home.

The President wanted this announcement to be a major surprise and he managed to do this with slick planning to get the nominee to our nation’s capital without the press witnessing it.

A White House insider told a political reporter from Axios AM,

“Two members of the White House Counsel’s office had already flown to Denver … and drove to Boulder, Colorado, to prepare the nominee and to escort him to Washington. The press started camping outside the homes of the rumored short list, making it harder to get him out of his home undetected.”

The White House didn’t want to tip the press’ hand on the announcement. So, they wanted  to trip up the reporters stalking the judge’s home. In a covert move, Gorsuch first walked to a neighbor’s home to throw off the press.

“The neighbor drove him out of his neighborhood in an SUV via farm roads to avoid the press. He then met with the members of the White House counsel’s office at a Starbucks in a Safeway parking lot off Highway 287 in Boulder. [The counsel’s office] briefed the nominee on the next steps, then flew with the nominee and his wife [Louise] back to D.C.”


The Gorsuches didn’t stay in the city. Instead, they went to the DC suburbs to avoid recognition from the thirsty press. They, “spent the night in a private home in the suburbs to avoid recognition. He then spent the day getting briefings on the logistics of the nominations process, meeting the President and Vice President, and finalizing paperwork for the nomination process.”

The White House pulled it off and many Americans turned in to see President Trump announce that he was nominating Gorsuch to fill the vacant seat left by the late, great Justice Antonin Scalia.

The video below will give you some background on the nominee.

Gorsuch was confirmed unanimously for his current post by the Senate in 2006. It will be rather hypocritical for Democratic Senators who voted for him then to oppose him now. There would be no way for them to deny they were playing politics with the court. With some of these Democratic Senators living in states that voted for Trump, they should feel some heat form their constituents to support Gorsuch’s nomination.

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H/T: Axios

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