Friday, February 10, 2017

The left in this country is going out of it’s collective mind. Betsy DeVos is the legitimate Secretary of Education and yet the left and Black Lives Matter is acting like she’s some kind of interloper. Black Lives Matter Protesters screamed at her and prevented her from getting into a public school!

Trump won. Betsy DeVos was confirmed. Now let her do her job, right? No, a bunch of angry leftists found out she was going to be at a public school and showed up to BLOCK her from going in and then shouting at her!


And this:

This is disgusting! These people should be arrested because what they’re doing is not protesting. In fact, police are investigating a possible ASSAULT upon the Secretary

Share this with others! Let them see the INSANITY of these left wing protestors! More people need to know the left is going far enough that they are now assaulting cabinet secretaries!

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