Wednesday, February 1, 2017

In a move that is certain to outrage many Americans, Black Lives Matter is suing Elvis Presley Enterprises (Graceland) because they weren’t allowed to stage a protest at a candlelight vigil commemorating the death of the King on August 16, 2016. They wanted to hijack the solemn event to protest the shooting deaths of black men by police officers

The attention seeking protestors, who have caused so much physical damage, actually wanted to protest at an event acknowledging Elvis’s death. Since they didn’t get their way, they are suing Graceland!

“The decision as to which citizens were allowed to attend the public vigil and which citizens were denied access to the public vigil, was based on the race of the citizens,” alleges the federal lawsuit filed by Coalition of Concerned Citizens, a branch of the Black Lives Movement.


The group planned to hold a protest at the vigil they named  “Operation Blue Suede Shoes” because “Graceland represents the tremendous disparity of what works for a few what doesn’t work for the many.”

This was not an appropriate time or place for this protest. And since they were barred for doing this on private property, they now are seeking a money grab from Elvis Presley Enterprises as you can see in the video below!

This is simply outrageous! They don’t have a constitutional right to protest at a vigil on private property. They just wanted to take over and ruin this commemoration. I wonder if it was all staged knowing they would be turned away so they could then try to sue.

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