Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Blondes are famous for their lack of…wit. Their lack of common sense sometimes gets them in trouble. Take a look at this not-so-sharp lady.

The Blonde On The Airplane

She gets on a plane and sits in the first available seat. The flight attendant is coming around checking tickets. She looks at the blonde woman’s ticket and tells the blonde, “Ma’am you can’t sit here, your ticket says coach and this is first class. please move to the back of the plane.”

The blonde replies “I’m a blonde, I’m smart, and have a good job. I’m not moving until the plane arrives in Jamaica.”

So the flight attendant, now hot under the collar at the blonde’s response, goes to another flight attendant and tells him what happened.  He goes up to her and asks her to move to the back of the plane.

She then responds “I’m a blonde, I’m smart, and have a good job. I’m not moving until the plane arrives in Jamaica”.

So the two flight attendants are steaming mad and they go to the co-pilot and tell him what is going on. He comes back to where the blonde is sitting and leans over and whispers something in her ear.

The two flight attendants were astonished when the blonde abruptly got up from her seat and moved to the back of the plane. They looked at each other, and then the co-pilot, and asked him what he told her.

The co-pilot, feeling good about himself told them, “Oh, this happened a while back with someone else. I just simply told the woman that the front half of the plane wasn’t going to Jamaica.”

Now that’s clever. I bet she won’t be happy.

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