Wednesday, February 15, 2017

There are times when the government should be spending money. If there is a dam created by the state, they’d better fix it if there’s a danger it will collapse. California officials were told 12 years ago the Oroville Dam was in trouble. Instead of fixing it, California spent $25 billion catering instead to illegal aliens.

The most important task a president and state governors have is securing the safety of citizens. National security is not just a federal job. States need to assist as well, and when some states are busy spending taxpayer dollars to help illegal aliens, we all suffer.

How many people near the Oroville Dam lost their property and possessions while the state fed taxpayer dollars to people who should have never been here? Meanwhile, California has spent heavily on other things:

Critics of California’s willingness to spend billions of dollars on high-speed rail and services for illegal immigrants were quick to draw parallels to the state’s failure to invest in the Oroville Dam. The cost of fixing the spillway alone is now $200 million.

Charlie Kirk, founder of conservative student group Turning Point USA, fired off a meme Monday saying, “California Governor Jerry Brown spends $25 billion per year to support illegal immigrants/I wonder how much Governor Brown spent to maintain the Oroville Dam?”

Officials knew this years ago, but guess what? When Jerry Brown was asked for a wish lift of infrastructure projects to be funded by President Trump’s infrastructure plan, the “good” governor didn’t ask for one penny to help fix the Oroville Dam.

Shows where his priorities are.

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H/T: Gateway Pundit

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