Thursday, February 2, 2017

Protesting in this country has a long history. But when protests become violent, they become riots. And to see members of the entertainment community praising that kind of behavior is disgusting.

But that is precisely what some of them did!

Trump-supporter Milo Yiannopolous was going to be speaking at the left-wing UC Berkeley when protests broke out over his event. The demonstrations became violent, and many protesters started to destroy property and attack others.

Here are some videos of the riots:

And the following video shows a woman who was wearing a “Make Bitcoin Great Again” hat get pepper-sprayed by some loser:

Milo has a FB post showing the screen shots of the tweets some celebrities were sending in support of the violence:

This kind of violence of absolutely abhorrent. It’s a good thing President Trump is now threatening to withhold federal funds from Berkeley. The violent spoiled brats at the campus don’t deserve your tax dollars!

Tell others about this! It’s important these people are stopped and for these celebrities to know how they’re helping to incite this criminal behavior. 


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