Friday, February 3, 2017

Donald Trump’s presidency has taken Whoopi Goldberg even further into the deep end. The left wing co-host just can’t seem to get over the fact that Hillary Clinton isn’t president. She keeps making irrational and incorrect statements but her unbalanced comments are now being called out!

After Whoopi compared Donald Trump to the Taliban, Greg Gutfeld was compelled to fire back at the nonsense. In typical Gutfeld fashion, he didn’t hold back – at all.

In the fiery video below, the Fox News host calls The View “Hell’s DMV.” He reminds Whoopi that the Taliban abuses women to extreme levels and literally throws acid in their faces. This doesn’t compare to defunding Planned Parenthood or making rude jokes. He also asks why the ladies on The View don’t stand up for these women who are persecuted by radical Islamists.

After you watch the video below, you’ll be cheering!

BOOM! Let’s hope Whoopi and her cohorts hear this message. They are so deep into their liberal bubble they are completely clueless as to how the rest of us see them.

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H/T: Western Journalism

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