Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The liberal mainstream media still can’t accept the fact that Donald Trump is President. They are trying to undermine him at every twist and turn. But, CNN’s Sally Kohn tweeted something so absurd that even Hillary voters are taking her to the woodshed!

Kohn wants Trump and Pence impeached and then a special election called.

But, there are a lot of problems with this idiotic tweet. For one, it is very hard to impeach a President. It would be almost impossible to impeach a President and a Vice President at the same time. If that somehow was accomplished, the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan would be come the President. There aren’t special elections for President.

Kohn is attorney, but her liberal mind can’t wrap around the thought of the law or the Constitution. She still wants Hillary to be the president. Her twitter followers even took her to task for this nonsense.

This woman is so out of control with her liberal rage that she doesn’t even follow the Constitution! This nonsense from the press helped elect Donald Trump as Americans are sick of being lied to. All she is doing it helping with his re-election!

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