Friday, February 17, 2017

President Trump is keeping campaign promises at a record speed. He works at the speed of business rather than the speed of government. And what he just did has many people in coal country cheering!

President Obama was clear that he intended to bankrupt the coal industry. He declared war on coal. His burdensome regulations caused havoc for many coal miners and people who depend on coal for energy. Donald Trump promised to undo that. And within his first month in office, that’s exactly what he did!

Coal miners joined the President and some Senators and Congressmen from coal mining states to sign House Joint Resolution 38, which will help unravel regulations. The President wasted no time in getting this done for the hard working men and women of coal country.

President Trump was honored to have the miners there to witness this. And they were very grateful to the President for fulfilling his promise so quickly as you can see in the video below.

Trump then took the miners to the Oval Office. This was something that was unexpected by the hard working men. One said that he couldn’t believe the amount of respect President Trump afforded them. They are used to having only failed promises from politicians, but Donald Trump is not a lifelong politician!

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