Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Former Democratic Senate candidate Jason Kander (emphasis on former since he lost to Roy Blount in the Missouri Senate race) was taken to task by Tomi Lahren on Bill Maher’s show last weekend.

But instead of showing grace, he acted like a punk and that’s when Curt Schilling stepped in!

Kander tried to trip up Lahren by claiming she couldn’t name the four people who died in Benghazi:


OOPS. Sorry, Jason. She knew.

Even so, Kander still thanked supporters on Twitter. That was until Curt Schilling stepped in:

OUCH. Schilling actually apologized later but his point was seriously made. And Kander? He was owned first by a 24-year-old woman and then a retired MLB pitcher. Not a good day for him.

Tell others about this. Let them watch as Lahren than Schilling both take on the Missouri Loser. It’s fun to watch!

H/T: Kansas City Star

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