Tuesday, February 28, 2017

No, it wasn’t LeAnn Rimes on The Voice, but Casi Joy sure did sound a whole lot like her when she sang the country singer’s 1996 hit song “Blue.”

Casi got Gwen Stefani to instantly turn her chair just two seconds into the performance followed by Alicia Keys.

Towards the end of the performance Blake Shelton and Adam Levine both turned their chairs.

Casi had all four coaches begging her to join their teams.

Adam made probably the most overt plea saying he would “do cartwheels to have [her] on his team.” But that wasn’t all. He also said he would “literally try and leap over the moon and back for [her].” After issuing his plea, he got out of his chair and went and pouted in the audience. He then decided to walk back to his chair right in front of Blake when he began his pitch in order to distract him.

Blake’s pitch hearkened back to his knowledge of the song that was originally written by Bill Mack in 1958.

What you did to this room and all four of us coaches is the same thing that happened when LeAnn Rimes came out with that song. Somebody yodels? The fact that you have already mastered that, I am not giving up until Casi is on my team because this is meant to freaking be. It is!

Alicia Keys gave her pitch where “we could absolutely create magic moments together, exploring music that does what you just did.” Alicia Keys even threw out a pitch for Gwen Stefani!

The biggest shock came when Casi revealed she is also interested in making pop and rock music.

Adam recanted his previous statements that lamented her country music talent saying, “Those were the rantings of the mad man. I’ve changed Casi. I’ve changed. I’m a new man.”

Listen as Casi blows away the judges and audience:

Casi will make her choice tonight on The Voice!

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H/T: Country Music Nation

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