Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I guess she wasn’t going to stay away forever.

Hillary Clinton has emerged from her self-imposed exile to deliver a liberal message on women.

The video is timed to mark the launch of the MAKERS conference, an all-women summit focused on female accomplishment.

There’s nothing wrong with promoting the achievements of women. But it’s ironic that Hillary Clinton was chosen to deliver remarks on why female leadership is so necessary.

Didn’t she lose a presidential election when the country’s elite in politics, media, and business were on her side? Wasn’t her tenure as Secretary of State a complete disaster, as her feckless polices led to the rise of ISIS in the Middle East?

Something tells me if the MAKERS conference wanted an inspirational speaker to kickoff their event, they wouldn’t have picked a loser like Hillary.

Watch the video below:

Hillary declares the “future is female.” But last I checked, Donald Trump won the presidency. That isn’t to say women don’t play an important role in our lives as Americans. I mean Kellyanne Conway played a huge role in Trump’s victory. But if the future is anything, it’s definitely Trump.

Also, not to nitpick over fashion, but what is Hillary wearing in that video? A burlap sack?

She reminds me of “The Leader” in the classic Simpsons episode “The Joy of Sect.”

Take a look at this clip demonstrating the cultish nature behind “The Leader” and how subservient his subjects are. Remind you of anything?

Hillary Clinton supporters clearly haven’t gotten the message that Trump is president and the American people rejected liberalism.

If they keep trotting Clinton out to parrot liberal talking points, they’re bound to keep being disappointed in the results.

Do you think Hillary Clinton should stay in exile?

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