Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Another retailer has fallen victim to the left’s Grab Your Wallet boycott seeking all Trump merchandise to be dropped.

Burlington Coat Factory has joined Nordstrom and Macy’s by announcing they are dropping Ivanka Trump’s line from stores. They all are citing slow sales, but it’s hard to believe that when clothing Ivanka wears in public sells out in mere hours.

Conservatives are striking back as many plan to boycott the stores that appear to be dropping Trump merchandise for political purposes. Burlington Coat Factory’s Facebook page is taking a beating from former customers.

The Grab Your Wallet campaign has been targeting these retailers demanding they stop carrying all Trump merchandise. LL Bean may be the only target of the boycott to really fight back.

Sears and Kmart also announced they are dropping Trump home products as you can see in the video below.


I won’t be shopping at either of these companies! I don’t support businesses that fall prey to leftist bully tactics!

Share this if you are boycotting these companies that are dropping the Trump lines for political reasons!

H/T: Rare

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