Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Jeff Dunham is hilarious. He packs in the crowds with people who love laughing along with Jeff and his many sidekicks. But, earlier this month the funny man got serious and shared some heartbreaking news at one of his shows.

At his February 22nd show in Casper, Wyoming, Dunham’s fans learned that his father had just passed away. This was his first show since his dad died after a lengthy battle with Parkinson’s Disease.

Before his monologue, the screen said “Dedicated to my father: Howard Dunham
July 15, 1927 – February 16, 2017.” A picture of the elder Howard appeared as well.

Comedy can be cathartic in our time of sorrow, so Jeff shared some stories about the funeral and funny memories of his dad. He struggled to hold back tears at some moments as he shared these memories. They obviously had a close bond and appreciated the therapeutic touch humor can bring to lighten a somber mood.

Dunham really opened up with his crowd, even telling them he is adopted. Jeff continued with his show after honoring his father. The laughs likely provided a much needed distraction from his sorrow.

There weren’t any commercial breaks in the performance like this hilarious routine with Bubba J and Jeff in the video below.


The Dunham family certainly could use our prayers as they grieve Howard. The funeral was only the day before Jeff’s Casper show. He’s pressing forward in memory of his dad.

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H/T: Kiss Casper

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