Thursday, February 23, 2017

Even though Donald Trump pushed the Clinton family out of the political spotlight with his astounding victory, they just keep creeping back into it.

Hillary Clinton keeps taking potshots at President Trump. And now her daughter, Chelsea, is trying to get into the insult game, tearing down Trump and his supporters.

Chelsea Clinton had this to say recently: “I need a thesaurus. What’s another word for horrifying? Sick? Awful? Running out of adjectives these days that mean unconscionably terrible.”

Juanita Broaddrick, one of the women who has accused former president Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting her, supports Donald Trump. And she wasn’t going to let Chelsea get away with that comment.

Behold Broaddrick’s stinging rebuke:

Now that’s what I call a counterpunch!

And after Juanita called her out, Chelsea deleted the tweet!

Chelsea Clinton is a grown woman now, so she’s perfectly capable of defending herself. So why did she delete her original tweet?

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