Friday, February 24, 2017

Like most of left wing Hollywood, Patricia Arquette doesn’t like Donald Trump. When TMZ caught up with the Boyhood actress, she expressed her displeasure towards the Commander in Chief’s decision to allow states to decide transgender bathroom issues.

Patricia said that she thinks Trump will be impeached. She’s not the most articulate or very well versed on political topics. She plays by liberal Hollywood’s playbook of blaming everything on Russia.

“This is the United States. This is not Moscow!” she said. Then she went into a tirade about how if states rights still existed we would still have slavery in the south. Someone should remind her that the Democrats are the party of slavery and Jim Crow laws; Trump is a Republican!


The video below is rather laughable. Her date is perhaps the fool of the week. He can only swear and talk politics like a five year old.

She’s pretty deep in the Hollywood bubble. They all seem to say the same thing. Do they get talking points emailed to them on a daily basis?

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