Friday, February 17, 2017

The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds. They don’t care if musicians perform for Democrats no matter what they say or do. It’s all good. But when a musician performs for a Republican like Toby Keith did for President Trump, they want an apology? Well, Toby Keith was having none of it!

Toby Keith was set to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration and the Social Justice Warrior Outrage Brigade demanded Keith apologize for doing so.

Well, this is what he said to the whiners: “I don’t apologize for performing for our country or military. I performed at events for previous presidents Bush and Obama and over 200 shows in Iraq and Afghanistan for the USO.”

BOOM. See that? He performed for Barack Obama. And conservatives didn’t tell him to apologize!

What do you think of this? If you think Toby Keith is spot-on for telling liberals off then share it with everybody and let them know that Keith is going to do what he thinks is right!

H/T: American News

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