Monday, February 13, 2017

Anti-Trump hysteria has reached insane levels as left-wingers can’t handle the fact that Donald Trump is president of the United States. The “tolerant” left is lashing out in every way possible, but their latest target proves just how intolerant they are.

Remember when Ivanka Trump was harassed on a flight while she was with her young children? This is even worse!

Page Six is reporting that 4-year-old Spencer Frederick Trump is the target of a boycott from some wealthy liberal New York mothers. The son of Donald Trump, Jr., is set to attend The Buckley School next year, but some moms are saying they will not be sending their children there because they don’t want interaction with Trump children!

What kind of animals boycott a four year old? There is no diversity of thought to these women. They just live in a bubble and don’t care who they hurt. Can you imagine if this happened to the Obama daughters? We’d be hearing about what racist bullies they are, but since it’s the Trump grandchildren, there isn’t media outrage.

It all started on UrbanBaby.com when a mom said that her son got into Buckley but she wasn’t going to enroll him because of four year old Spencer Trump.

Another mom chimed in, “You almost have to decline. It sounds like it will drive you crazy . . . You want to spend nine years worried that DS [darling son] is getting infected with Trumpism?”

These left-wing moms consider a four year old to be an infection. They are targeting a poor child online and making him the focus of a boycott. They don’t want their children around him. This is bullying.

What is wrong with these New York women? Rosie O’Donnell also cyberbullied 10-year-old Barron Trump. What a bunch of limousine liberals preaching tolerance while they demean children.

Not only are these women disgusting but they are setting a horrific example for their children as the Facebook post below details.

Share this to let others know that these anti-Trump left wingers are bullying a four-year-old!

H/T: Page Six

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