Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Michael Moore has never liked Donald Trump. He never wanted to give the president the opportunity to succeed. He wants Trump and our country to fail. The filmmaker is completely unhinged and doesn’t care about our country. And within the first month of the presidential term, Moore is calling for impeachment!

Moore is rejoicing in the resignation of National Security Adviser Mike Flynn. The liberal filmmaker is now calling for the president to be arrested because he is blaming Trump for all of this.

We shouldn’t be surprised. Moore told us he would be waging “political bloodbath” when he was protesting the Inauguration.

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The constant outrage and threats from radical leftists like Moore are getting tired. Haven’t they heard about the boy who cried wolf? You can watch Moore’s nutty speech in the video below.

Moore’s over-the-top tweets highlight his hypocrisy.

In 2012, President Obama sent then UN Ambassador Susan Rice to do the talk show circuit to help cover up the Benghazi terrorist attack on our embassy, which lead to the killing of four Americans, including our Ambassador. Rice lied about the motivations for the attack. The Obama Administration blamed a YouTube Video and said it was not premeditated.

Now we know that was all a lie to mislead the American voters prior to the 2012 elections. Obama rewarded Rice’s deceit to the American public by elevating her to National Security Advisor, the very position just vacated by Mike Flynn.

Moore was silent on this.

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H/T: Rare.us

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