Saturday, February 4, 2017

Grandpa Jones was a character played by Louis Marshall Jones.

Jones would dress up like an old hillbilly and ,in-character, play the banjo and some great old-timey songs.

The song he is known for best is “Mountain Dew”

and he wasn’t talking about the soda, either!

“Mountain Dew” isn’t just a sugary and highly-caffeinated beverage, its hillbilly talk for good, strong ol-fashioned moonshine.

The Grandpa Jones character probably took a few pulls of the liquor before performing, as his character tended to be a zany caricature of an old hillbilly.

This rare color-TV version of the classic is great. Jones ditches the normal solo act to be accompanied by a guitar and a bass.

Watch it below!

Love this old-timey music.

Takes me back to a simpler time!


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