Tuesday, February 21, 2017

There’s nothing worse than hearing about a police officer being murdered in the line of duty. Except for maybe when a cop is murdered by a gang member who was released from prison two weeks earlier. That’s what tragically happened to Whittier, California police officer Keith Boyer.

Boyer and another officer were responding to a traffic collision at 8 a.m. in the area of Mar Vista and Colina Road when the gang banger gunned Boyer and injured the other police officer, Patrick Hazell.

The gang banger had crashed his stolen car into two other vehicles and pushed it around the corner. When the officers rounded the corner, he opened fire.

Officer Patrick Hazell is in stable condition.

The police told reporters the suspect is a known gang banger with tattoos on his face and neck. He was also wearing “gang attire.” To make matters worse he was linked to another murder this morning.

The LA County Sheriff’s office is praying for their fallen compatriot:

And the Chief teared up talking to reporters about his longtime friend.

Why is it that I strongly suspect they’re going to find out this dirtbag should have still been in prison? I just have a feeling we’ll find out he was paroled when he should have been kept there. He obviously didn’t learn his lesson!

Let this be a reminder that violent criminals need to serve EVERY DAY of their sentences and nothing less. Cops lives depend on it!

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h/t Gateway Pundit

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