Thursday, February 23, 2017

Anti-Trump rioters don’t care about breaking the law. These left wingers are trying to scare and harm people they don’t agree with. Republican legislators in Arizona are now fighting back against these rioters and want them all held accountable. A bill that expands rioting to include racketeering charges passed through a Senate committee in the Grand Canyon State.

With the added racketeering charges, law enforcement will be able to seize the assets of the rioters. If they are going to destroy property and attempt to maim and injure individuals, it’s only just that they forfeit their own property!


SB 1142 could really help hold people accountable who encourage rioting, assault, and arson, but who hide in the shadows while others take the blame. It certainly could deter riots from occurring as you can see in the video below.


Some folks are raising concerns about the bill. They point out that certain individuals could infiltrate otherwise peaceful rallies and begin causing mayhem. This would allow law enforcement to potentially target the organizer of the peaceful rally. For example, a pro-Trump rally could be infiltrated by left-wing dissidents in order to target the pro-Trump rally organizers.

Rioting is certainly an issue. The people causing the trouble are not going to stop, so hopefully some legislation can help deter this left wing political terrorism.

Share this if you want organizers of riots to be help responsible!

H/T: AZ Central

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