Friday, February 17, 2017

Kelly wanted to know if her boyfriend was cheating on her. So, she reached out to YouTubers To Catch A Cheater to set him up and test him out. But, there was one problem with that.

When it came time to watch the video, she had to stop it. Her boyfriend David was selling a printer on Craig’s List, but the girl didn’t have all the money, so they decided to barter. Kelly really couldn’t handle the complete truth. She asked to stop watching, but they made her watch until the end – and it was certainly worth it.


Watch the video below to see what is so shocking!

David saw Kelly’s email to the YouTubers, so he contacted them himself. He actually wasn’t mad at her for doubting him. He had been wanting to propose, so they all came up with this creative solution that she certainly didn’t see coming!

They certainly have a memorable engagement story!

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