Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sheriff Clarke doesn’t mess around. He’s a law-and-order guy who respects the first amendment rights of people to protest but doesn’t put up with violent thugs. Clarke recognizes that the anti-Trump “resistance” movement takes advantage of the freedoms that protect them and turn into rioters.

And the Sheriff has finally had enough of these hoodlums!

In a conversation on Fox Business with Dagen McDowell, Sheriff Clarke what asked how he would handle protesters in his city of Milwaukee. His response will have any sane American cheering.


“If it’s a protest, it’s fine, but this is a resistance movement and I’ve given very strict orders that the first time a rock is thrown, the first time a window’s smashed, property damaged, vandalism, the first time an officer is injured, that the crowd is to be disbursed and they’re to use all reasonable means to keep the peace.”

Then he was asked what he thought of the protesters:

“These people are like petulant children stomping their feet with these child-like nursery rhyme slogans, ‘hey hey, ho ho.’  That stuff is stupid, it’s very juvenile behavior, but that’s quite all right if they want to act like that.”

Sheriff Clarke tells it like it is!

If you agree this is how the police should handled “resistance” protesters around the country, then be sure to share this with others. With Sheriff Clarke, you always know what you’re going to get!

H/T: Fox Business

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