Thursday, February 16, 2017

President Donald Trump told Chicago if they didn’t straighten out their crime problem, then he would consider sending in the feds. Well, it’s looking like it’s almost that time.

Lavontay White, age two,  was sitting in the backseat of a car with his aunt, Bruenna Devonte, and her boyfriend – a known gang member – as they were traveling the streets of Chicago. Devonte, who is pregnant, was recording the ride on Facebook live when a car drove up and the passengers started firing into their vehicle, killing the boyfriend and White in the backseat.

This is tragic. It’s even more devastating that it was caught on camera. The suspects are still on the loose. Devonte is recovering along with her expected baby.

You can watch the video here. But be warned, there is strong language and violent imagery.

Watch as the community comes together to denounce this violent attack:

Chicago has been the murder hub of the nation for a long time now. Former president Barack Obama rarely ever visited the city that he considers his hometown.

With violence like this, something has to change. Chicago’s crime rate has skyrocketed year-after-year. The Democrats who run the city have done nothing to stop it.

Kids are being killed on their doorstep, at the playground, around the churchyard, and I think it’s safe to say the streets are not safe for these youngsters. The murder of Lavontay White is clear evidence.


President Trump should seriously consider sending in the National Guard to police the streets of Chicago. “Our” children are being killed by people who don’t care for life!

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H/T: – Daily Mail

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