Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Television history may be made when Tomi Lahren appears on an upcoming episode of The View. I can’t imagine the look on Joy Behar’s face when she heard this news.

The left-leaning ladies of The View will certainly be challenged by The Blaze’s blonde conservative bombshell. Tomi doesn’t accept nonsense and that seems to be mostly what these ladies spew!

According to the 1iota ticketing website, Tomi is scheduled on the March 17th episode. How convenient that this is happening on St. Patrick’s Day. The liberal hosts will need all the luck they can get to deal with Tomi’s no nonsense logic.

Tomi won’t fit in The View’s idea of a feminist. She certainly isn’t liberal or defined by her uterus. More importantly, she isn’t easily personally offended by things sensitive feminist snowflakes would be upset over.

In the video below, watch Tomi discuss her perfect man with Steve Crowder as she finds her ideal match through Crowder’s “Dream Machine.” This isn’t something today’s feminist would do!


Some things don’t come along often, but it’s pretty certain that sparks will fly on ABC when Tomi Lahren appears on The View. Their politically correct bubble is going to be shattered that day!

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H/T: Headline Planet

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