Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The whiny ladies on The View commemorated President’s Day by attacking not only President Trump, but the First Family as well.

In a rather disgusting move that has become the norm on this joke of a show, they proclaimed Barack Obama to be amazing. They saluted the former president and attempted to shame anyone who questioned his failed policies.

Then the left wing ladies took their aim at President Trump for wanting to undo so many of Obama’s “accomplishments.” Of course Trump wants to undo all these regulations that have been an enormous burden on the middle class. Trump is for the middle class!

What was perhaps the most disgusting part of this segment was when Sara Haines took aim at the First Family. “What I’m going to miss about him is the era of a president you could show your kids… I think it’s sad. I think we can all admit, whoever you voted for, it’s the end of an era as you can no longer look to the First Family as an example,” she said.  They can’t just be upset with Donald Trump, they have to attack his entire family!

Watch the nonsense in the video below.

Notice how token “Conservative” Jedidiah Bila was silent when Joy Behar alleged that Obama never had one scandal in eight years. Bila was also silent when another host said that Obama accomplished everything in the face of Republican obstructionism. Actually, his “biggest accomplishments” like the auto bailout and Obamacare were passed while Democrats controlled the House and the Senate.

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H/T: GossipCon

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