Thursday, February 16, 2017

In an attempt to prove that “Love Trumps Hate,” liberal activists knocked conservative Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s 71-old-year old staffer unconscious.

The activists were at the congressman’s office in Orange Country, California, to demand a townhall so they could complain about President Donald Trump. They are part of a nationwide movement to occupy Republican Congressional offices. One of the protesters felt it was appropriate to bring her two-year-old to swarm onto the office.

The two-year-old was placing a Valentine under the door when Kathleen Staunton opened it. The liberals then yanked open the door, causing Staunton to trip and fall, knocking her unconscious in the process. The Staunton was merely opening the door to go to the restroom when she was injured by these “peace-loving” activists.

She was treated by paramedics and taken to the hospital.

Congressman Rohrabacher was incensed about his staffer being injured. He minced no words in his statement about the event. The protestors attempted to blame Staunton and the Congressman for this mayhem, but it’s clear where the blame lays.

“I am outraged beyond words that protesters who mobbed my Huntington Beach office violently knocked down my faithful district director, Kathleen Staunton, causing her to be hospitalized. And, yes, deliberate or not, the incident came as part of a mob action that not only intimidates but coerces. Though the protesters think of themselves as idealists, they engaged in political thuggery, pure and simple. These people do not want, as they’ve claimed, to hold a town hall meeting with me. These are unruly activists on whom the lessons of civility and democratic participation have been lost. They have repeatedly disrupted the normal operations of my district office, preventing my staff from serving constituents with real needs, such as veterans’ and social security issues. They are part of a nationwide, anti-Trump mobilization, whose organizers call themselves, with supreme hypocrisy, by the name “Indivisible.” In fact, they are bent on dividing the nation, defying the will of voters and undermining the legitimacy of the election. These holier-than-thou obstructionists will be held responsible for this outrageous assault. They are exposing themselves for what they are — enemies of American self-government and democracy,” Rohrbacher’s statement said.

Love Trumping Hate is a lot more violent than it sounds. It involves arson, blocking traffic, harassment and even assault.

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H/T: Gateway Pundit

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