Thursday, February 23, 2017

Political correctness has roots going back to the late 80s and early 90s. But it is now worse than it has ever been.

Tim Allen worked some of this absurdity into his show “Last Man Standing” in a scene where he is supposed to give a speech at his daughter’s school. Instead of adhering to the school’s speech guidelines, he refuses to bow down to P.C. pressure!

In the scene, his daughter holds up a stack of papers with all of the things he’s not supposed to say during the speech. The terms and rules actually resemble a lot of what college liberals demand we say in public. But Allen is having none of it.

Check it out:

Allen has a great attitude! It’s awesome watching him say, “screw that!” and deciding to write the speech the way he wants! Even though this is just a television show, it has a valuable lesson for real life. We need to end the left’s P.C. garbage.

If you agree with this video, please share it. Let people know that saying “Ladies and Gentlemen,” before a speech is not insulting. We have more important things going on in society than worrying about what “offends” people.

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