Thursday, February 2, 2017

Left wing Hollywood took the SAG Awards as the perfect opportunity to bash President Trump’s Executive Order. They fell over themselves patting each other on the back and slamming our new president, even threatening to punch his supporters in the face! But, Tomi Lahren has a few words for these radical Hollywood leftists that exposes their hypocrisy on this issue!

In the video below, Tomi points out that the refugees that Hollywood wants to invite won’t be living among them. Actors live in gated mansions and have armed security to protect them from jihadists. They are not affected or impacted by those terrorists imbedded with the refugees.

They don’t have to deal with the consequences of their wishes. Tomi also pointed out how Europe faced increased terror by keeping its borders open and unchecked for these refugees and terrorists.

Tomi’s completely right! They are a bunch of hypocrites. When crazy celebrities like David Harbour invite refugees to live with him or next door to him, then maybe I will consider their words to be genuine. Until then, they’re just hypocrites hiding behind golden gates.

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