Thursday, February 23, 2017

The 2016 election cycle was devastating for Democrats. They lost big. And they appear to be heading towards a repeat performance using the same failed tactics that voters rejected in November.

The race for DNC Chair is heating up. Congressman Keith Ellison appears to have the edge on everyone. Ellison is the first Muslim elected to the House of Representatives. He also has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and the CAIR-Hamas network.

Because of Ellison’s extremist ties, we shouldn’t be surprised that he is calling for the impeachment of President Trump less than two months into his presidency. He’s joining the ranks of Maxine Waters who want to toss out President Trump.

In the video below, Ellison lays out why Trump should be impeached. There’s one big problem with his argument: It’s not happening. The Republicans are in charge and they aren’t going to impeach a president who hasn’t done anything to warrant that.

What nonsense! The Democrats are doubling down with playing to the radical left of their base. They are once again abandoning the centrists and union members in their party who came out and voted for Donald Trump.

Democrats will be helping with President Trump’s re-election if they chose Keith Ellison as DNC Chair. He’s a left wing extremist with ties to radical Islam. The average voter isn’t going to subscribe to his nonsense!

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H/T: TruthFeed

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