Friday, February 24, 2017

President Trump has been silent for a few days regarding leaks from inside the federal government that were intended to harm him and our country. But, he broke his silence this morning.

President Trump hasn’t said too much about national security leaks to the press, likely from the FBI. But, he took to Twitter to speak directly to Americans about the topic.

National Security leaks are completely unacceptable. They put the country in harm’s way. But, some of these leftover bureaucrats and political appointees from the Obama Administration are more concerned about harming Trump politically than they are about preserving national security.

President Trump discussed leaks at his combative press conference last week where he directly took on the press’s attacks. You can see a clip of that in the video below.

I’m glad we have a President who prioritizes our national best interests. It’s time to clean house and get rid of those Obama lackeys who are looking to politically damage President Trump.

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H/T: Zero Hedge

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