Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Leftists have been used to getting their way for eight long years, but that time is now over. Even so, the entitlement many felt during the Obama years has given way to temper tantrums as crazed liberals scream and protest every move made by President Trump.

But adults know: Children don’t get their way, no matter how loud they scream.

Actions now have consequences. Some out of control protesters learned this the hard way when they blocked an ambulance from taking a critically ill passenger to the hospital.

100-200 protesters blocked I-95 North near the exit 47 ramp. Police showed up with riot gear and pepper spray. Before they could get everyone dispersed from the highway, the ambulance was blocked and the EMTs had to perform a life saving procedure.

Norman Clement was identified as the leader of the group. He tried to escape police by running away, but they got him.

Norman was charged with inciting a riot, disorderly conduct, interfering with an officer and reckless use of the highway by a pedestrian. Connecticut State Police have warned the public that blocking a highway is a crime and will not be tolerated.

As you can tell in the video below, he looks like a real winner. It looks like these Yale students and New Have residents were being led by a disheveled, washed up hippy!

What a bunch of heartless fools. These protesters need to re-examine their methods and search for whatever sort of conscience they have. Have they ever considered how they are harming people? They are preventing people from caring for their elderly parents, from picking their children up from daycare, and also blocking a critically ill patient from getting to the hospital.

We have a new President and, as Obama liked to say, elections have consequences. The same goes for actions. You riot and break the law, you go to prison!

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H/T: Daily Caller

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