Monday, February 6, 2017

It’s no secret liberals are trying to bully Donald Trump into not passing his “America-First” agenda.

From telling nasty lies to rioting in the street, the left is trying to shut President Trump down.

Tell Me Now’s Wayne Dupree takes on the leftist bullies, and shows you why Trump isn’t easily intimidated.

“What’s happening is, [the media is] trying to drive us toward their own opinion…they feel they can smack Donald Trump all up and down the TV screen. They feel they can direct the narrative or control the narrative on Donald Trump,” Wayne explains.

“We all know Donald Trump is a counter-puncher. Unless you really tick him off he’s gonna leave you alone. You go after him, he’s gonna go after you harder. If I was in the media I would have learned that a long time ago.”

Check out the rest of Wayne’s Take now:

Wayne’s right! The media can’t beat Donald Trump at his own game! They will continue to fail because they simply won’t adapt and learn.

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