Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bill Nye the Science Guy doesn’t have a lot of respect for people who don’t swallow the climate change pill. He previously said that climate change deniers suffer from psychological delusions and should be jailed. But, after being skewered by Tucker Carlson, Nye might be the one needing therapy and a pillow to cry on.

When Nye said that climate change was a “settled point,” Tucker asked him to clarify what degree human activity is responsible for changes in the environment as the environment has been changing long before the human population swelled to its current rate.

Bill Nye The Science Guy simply couldn’t answer what should be a rather simple question for someone who claims the science is settled. Tucker had a stinging response to this. “You’re using the language of politics. You’re not a scientist! You’re a popularizer,” the Fox host said.

The combative interview ends abruptly when Bill says they will cross paths again. You can see it below.


I’m not sure Bill settled anything on this topic. He looked completely unprepared to something that he is so devoted to. He is more of a politician than a Science Guy. Big on talk, small on facts and action.

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H/T: Biz Pac Review

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