Thursday, February 16, 2017

Unchecked immigration is a real problem. We can’t just assume that someone’s intentions are good and pure. A 1962 episode of The Twilight Zone is the perfect example of that.

The episode “To Serve Man” has a lot of parallels with today’s immigration issues. In the episode, aliens land and immediately go to the United Nations.

The UN is just as useless as it was in the episode. They accept the lead alien’s intentions. They immediately trust him. So, the UN trusted them and mankind paid a hefty price for the naiveté and it was all written out in their book “To Serve Man.” When it was translated, the aliens’ true intent was revealed!

You can see the full episode below.

This episode needs to be seen again today. While it is kind to want to help people, ultimately trusting immigrants without knowing much about them really is putting ourselves in a vulnerable position.

The jihadists who are embedded with the refugees don’t have a cookbook to serve us, but they certainly want to kill us. This episode from over 50 years ago is pretty important. The United Nations still is as much of a detriment to Americans as it is in this episode.

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