Monday, February 27, 2017

Undercover audio exposes liberals plans to disrupt Louisiana Senator Cassidy’s Townhall. These radical leftists wouldn’t allow constituents to discuss issues with their US Senator. Instead, they highjacked the meeting, even shouting during the prayer and Pledge of Allegiance! This audio basically gives us an inside look at the left-wing playbook during the Trump Presidency.

These activists are proud to plot hostility. They want to shout down anyone who isn’t with them. Their goal is to make it appear that the Republicans have no supporters.

In the audio below, they discuss how they have an inside and outside group that work together to block others who aren’t with them from attending the event or even asking questions. Many attendees were turned away because of crowd restrictions, so they accomplished this goal at Friday’s Townhall.

“Indivisible” is the name of the group organizing this. James Proctor is the local leader of Indivisible Acadiana. He is heard on the audio saying, “Game plan number one is to fill as many seats as we can, right? If it’s all of us in there and the poor people of Breaux Bridge are sitting behind us, well then tough luck for them.”

Another person is heard saying that when the activists lose control of the meeting they are to begin booing and hissing. You can listen to all this plotting to disrupt democracy below. They are desperate to stop President Trump from fulfilling his campaign promises and will resort to even the lowest of tactics.


These left wingers followed instructions as you can see in the two videos below when they protested the prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Complete animals! They clearly learned nothing from the election. The American electorate isn’t going to agree with these tactics. These leftists are keeping average Americans from their elected officials. It likely will only help with President Trump’s re-election.

They lost last year’s election and they are going to keep losing if they act like a bunch of 2-year-old brats!

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H/T: Daily Caller

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