Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Liberal hysterics over Donald Trump’s nominees for his cabinet have reached an exponential level.

The Senate Judiciary Committee just voted to confirm Trump’s pick for Attorney General, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions.

This vote came just in time, as Trump had to fire the acting-AG, an Obama-appointed liberal who refused to enforce the president’s executive order on immigration.

Democrats weren’t happy about the vote, and joined together to all vote “NO.” But one liberal activist really wasn’t pleased. She went on a crazed tirade, screaming that soon-to-be AG Sessions wouldn’t enforce the law equally for all American citizens.

Check out the pandemonium below:

Capitol Police had to escort the psycho protester out of the committee room. They should think about committing her!

What do you think about all the liberals trying to stop Trump’s cabinet appointments? What should happen to the protesters who disrupt formal committee proceedings?

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H/T: Daily Caller

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