Monday, February 27, 2017

The left can’t accept the fact that Donald Trump is the President. They are still screaming and devising ways to try to obstruct and impeach him. But, their uncivil and anti-American tactics are going to upset average Americans who don’t even care about politics.

Left wing movie producer Michael Moore is encouraging radical left wingers to show up at Townhalls with Congressmen and Senators and heckle them. This isn’t how you get anything accomplished.

Worse than that, the behavior at these events is disgraceful. It’s one thing to disagree with someone, it’s another thing entirely to act like animals as these liberals are doing. They don’t have any respect!

At Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy’s townhall, these protesters screamed and shouted during the prayer. The video below is rather appalling. If they don’t want to pray, fine, but they shouldn’t act like this. There are better behaved individuals in prisons than these nut jobs!


That’s not all. They even heckled and screamed and sat during the Pledge of Allegiance which was led by a veteran as you can see in the video below.

Now any average American is going to be turned off by this behavior. The media wants to portray this as being like the Tea Party, but this is nothing like that. The Tea Party was an organic grassroots movement. This resistance is well-funded and organized.

Tea Partiers are not disrespectful like these protesters. None were shouting and screaming during the prayers or Pledge of Allegiance, that’s for sure!

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H/T: Townhall

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