Friday, February 17, 2017

After a blistering press conference on Thursday, where Donald Trump laid into the mainstream media, he heads to Melbourne, Florida, to hold a rally at the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport.

President Trump is sure to discuss the truth about what happened with Lt. General Mike Flynn to combat the tons of disinformation coming from the mainstream media.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he also talks about how much he has already accomplished in such a short amount of time including rolling back regulations on the coal industry to free up that energy sector to create more jobs and provide more energy for Americans across the nation.

He’s also ordered construction for the southern border wall with Mexico.

And he will definitely talk about his immigration executive order which has been suspended by the partisan 9th Circuit Court. On Thursday, Trump promised to issue a new executive order to ensure the safety of American citizens when it comes to vetting immigrants from dangerous terrorist hotbeds.


I absolutely love that Donald Trump isn’t staying cooped up in the White House and is continuing to bring his message to Americans where they are! I hope he continues to do this throughout his time as President!

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