Monday, February 27, 2017

A bunch of Trump supporters gathered outside the Oscars on Sunday to protest the Hollywood elites and a couple of girls were not happy about it. One of them decided to launch a flurry of attacks against one of the peaceful Trump supporters.

She loses control and taps into an animalistic rage. She tears the sign from the Trump supporter’s hands and then begins to tear it in half. When the Trump supporter tries to reclaim her stolen sign, the crazed woman launches a series of punches.

And that’s when the Trump supporter decided to defend herself and gave the raging anti-Trumper a lesson she will remember for a long time. She begins throwing haymakers right in the girl’s face.


As you can see the police were quick to break it up. They put cuffs on her and hauled her butt away.

However, they let the anti-Trumpers friend, who also began attacking the woman, to continue to run around and spew her hateful ideology and lack of “tolerance.”

Share with your friends and family to EXPOSE the hateful, aggressive, and violent nature of Anti-Trump Protestors!

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