Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Whoopi Goldberg is having a rough time dealing with the reality that Donald Trump is actually her President. She’s become unhinged touting fake news and lies about the President and his policies, but she really put her foot in her mouth with her latest comment.

Whoopi compared President Trump to terrorists who brutalize women. She said his comments about women and his plan to defund Planned Parenthood and reallocate the money to Federal Qualified Health Centers is comparable to the Taliban!

According to Whoopi this is the same as raping and beheading women! Watch her nonsense in the video below! Her phony outrage isn’t accomplishing anything except making her look like an idiot!

What utter nonsense! Co-host Jedidiah Bila countered Whoopi’s insane comment by saying, “there’s a difference between Taliban who’s beheading people and chopping heads and an American president who may have policies you disagree with or may be saying things you disagree with.”

But, Whoopi doubled down on the comparison. “It is [different], but listen, if you’re saying to the media shut up — that’s what they do. Maybe they didn’t start out chopping people’s heads off, maybe they started out differently,” she said. “I’m asking it; it feels like it’s tricky. Because we’re saying to people, here are our American values, and then we’re saying on the same token stuff that sounds like the stuff we’re fighting. So that’s why I pose the question.”

Let’s send Whoopi to Afghanistan so she can see what the Taliban is really like! There is no comparison. If someone said Obama was like the Taliban, she would have called them a racist!

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H/T: Rare

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