Friday, March 17, 2017

CNN once again has to wear the banner of shame for promoting fake news. The news organization has published a story stating that Sean Hannity once pulled a gun on liberal political commentator Juan Williams.

Other news organizations picked it up and ran with it after the CNN report. So, it snowballed. But, there’s a big problem with this story: It simply isn’t true!

President Trump pointed out a few weeks ago that CNN is fake news. And, boy, was he right!

CNN was in such a rush to get this story out, they didn’t even contact Williams to verify it. Juan was surprised to hear about all this nonsense. He took to Twitter to dispel the lies.

Sean and Juan aren’t just colleagues. They are friends as well. That’s why it’s so bizarre that CNN would push the idea of Hannity getting violent with Williams. Hannity pointed out the absurdity.

If Juan Williams was concerned about his safety, he wouldn’t have signaled his support for Hannity. Also, Williams is a competent adult. He would have gone to the police if the situation had resembled what CNN reported.

In this era of fake news, it appears the biggest perpetrator of it might be CNN.

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H/T: Breitbart

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