Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Lt. Col Tony Schaffer is a man among men, and I would follow him into battle if I ever got the chance.

Schaffer was the voice Fox News went to in order to break down President Donald Trump’s Saturday morning tweet that shook the social media world.

Schaffer discussed Trump’s allegation on Fox News for most of Saturday, but it’s the video below that really broke the issue down. And the media failed to publicize it!

Without hesitation, Schaffer, a decorated CIA operative, said Obama was responsible for the wiretapping of President Trump. And I believe him!

Obama and former administration officials continue to deny they ordered the wiretapping.

Watch this video below and decide for yourself:

Lt. Col. Shaffer is such a precise guy, he gave you all the information you need to know in a six-minute nutshell. After listening, you should have a leg up on the media, which continues to deny Obama had anything to do with the wiretap wrongdoing.

Share this great video on your social media page and let us know what you thought about Shaffer’s breakdown of the wiretapping issue. Did Obama do it?

H/T: WayneDupree.com

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